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Regio-Diff: Discovering regions of Styria: differentiated materials for inclusive content lessons in Grade 4

The goal of this project was to prepare and transfer knowledge about the region of Styria. In 2019/2020 specialized texts about the regional characteristics of Styria were prepared by the project team and pupils from secondary schools. The prepared texts were differentiated and adapted based on the reading skills of the pupils and enriched with vocabulary exercises and reading strategies. These texts are used in primary schools in Styria in the school year 2020/2021 either as printed materials or embedded in the digital learning environment.

Project duration: 2019 - 2021

Funded by the state of Styria.


FZIB researchers:

Prof.in Mag.a Lisa Paleczek, PhD (UNiv. of Graz)

Ass.-Prof.in Susanne Seifert, PhD (Univ. of Graz)

Daniela Ender, BA MSc

Prof.in Dr.in Mag.a Martina Kalcher, MSc

Prof. David Wohlhart, BEd

Link to the web page of the project: regionen-kennenlernen (uni-graz.at)

The project can also be found on facebook and Instagram.


Partner organisations:

PPH Augustinum

PH Steiermark

Wohlhart Lernsoftware


Project lead and contacts:

Ass.-Prof.in Mag.a Lisa Paleczek, PhD (Univ. Graz)

vice-project lead:

Daniela Ender, BA MSc.


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