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Educational Pathways of Student Teachers

In the project Habitus.Macht.Bildung - Transformation durch Reflexion, a team of researchers is investigating the influence of social inequality on the educational paths of student teachers. The project aims to develop a habitus reflexivity in student teachers, i.e. by reflecting on their own school and university experiences, they should learn to classify habitus-specific educational experiences and thus be able to counteract the reproduction of inequality of opportunity in their future work as teachers. In order to enable a reflexive approach to social inequality in the education system and thus initiate transformation processes, the project will develop specific settings and (teaching) materials that contribute to reflecting on inequality of opportunity. The project is guided by the question of how student experiences of social inequality in educational institutions can be reflexively collected and from this, methodological instruments can be developed that support students and teachers in teaching habitus-reflexively (at schools and the university). The anchoring of the project in the teaching profession proves to be particularly suitable for this purpose, since student teachers represent the target group of the developed materials on the one hand, but at the same time they are also multipliers who can apply the learned reflexive strategies in their own teaching within the framework of school internships and their later professional activity and pass them on to their students.

The knowledge gained and materials developed in the project can...

  • be used by teachers in the context of courses (in teacher training in educational science, sociology, gender studies and global studies ...) to address and reflect on processes of social inequality;
  • be used by students to deal with processes of social inequality in their own (educational) biography and to develop a habitus sensitivity;
  • be used by (prospective) teachers to address social inequality in the school context through concrete exercises, to break down their own patterns of perception and action when assessing students and to design emancipatory perspectives for action.



Mag. Dr.phil. MA.

Iris Mendel

Mag. Dr.phil.

Lisa Scheer

Project Manager

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

Kathrin Marie Otrel-Cass

Institut für Bildungsforschung und PädagogInnenbildung

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3837

Mitttwoch 15.30-16.30 (Bitte um e-mail Anmeldung)

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