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Teaching and professionalization


Societal challenges and pedagogical demands require educators to develop a critical and reflective understanding of their profession. This is not exhausted in the attainment of standardized competences, but rather is characterized by a productive approach to contradictions and paradoxes of everyday professional life. How can such a way of dealing look  and be tested?

The research unit Education and School Research covers the teaching of “Bildungswissenschaftliche Grundlagen” (BWG) for student teachers at the secondary level. In addition, courses are offered within the framework of the Doctoral School of Educational Sciences. The topics covered include educational philosophy, social theory and artistic-aesthetic issues in the context of teaching and learning in and out of school. The teachers set specific emphases in their teaching by integrating their own research and practical experience.


Head of research unit

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

Agnieszka Czejkowska

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3833

CONSULTATION HOUR by arrangement.

Office management

Position currently being filled.

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