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Head of research unit

Scientific staff

Research focus

  • Theories of education
  • Pedagogical authority and authorization
  • Transformation of education

Research focus

  • Educational and epistemological foundations
  • Relationality and theory building
  • Posthumanist and (new) materialist approaches in educational theory

Research focus

  • Theories of aesthetic education
  • Aesthetic-artistic methods of research and teaching
  • Difference and inequality in the context of schools

CV_Jens Többenotke


Research focus

  • Artistic research
  • Philosophy of education & subject criticism
  • Artifacts of arts education

CV_Stefan Palaver

Research focus

  • Inclusion in school practices
  • Classroom management 
  • Historical research in education 

CV_Romina Prevedel 

Student staff

Picture: Venner, Jessica

Venner, Jessica


Phone:+43 316 380 - 3830

Office management

Position currently being filled

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