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Research capacity building to strengthen Empirical Education Research on Social Cohesion and Equity in Kosovo

This programmatic partnership between Graz University, the University “Isa Boletini” Mitrovice, University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren and the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”aims to support capacity building, collaboration and networking to strengthen empirical education research and related research competences of young academics in teacher education and related disciplines and thus building a strong knowledge base on social cohesion and equity within the Kosovan schooling system. Throughout the project 15 young academics from three major teacher education institutions in Kosovo will be given the opportunity to enhance their personal research competences, necessary for publication to an international audience and thus making first important steps to improving their readiness for internationalization and excellence in scientific research activities. Method training, analysis and writing workshops, feedback and cooperative publishing will support the development of research competences, collaboration and communication skills and networking and collaborating across institutions. The focus of the research conducted will be on aspects of social cohesion and equity, which is of major importance to further understand current crises in Kosovo. Producing scientific evidence on the interplay of educational quality, equity and social cohesion on the basis of representative and high-quality assessment data will be of special relevance, unique and innovative to inform policy makers. The transnational cooperation provides unique opportunities contributing to education research at large. Results of the program will be published in a book, edited by the program coordinators, peer-reviewed by international scholars and published open-access. To ensure transfer and dissemination of results to stakeholders in Kosovo the book will be launched at a stakeholder conference, which will be conjointly organized by all partners.

The study is realized with financial support from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) within the HERAS+ frame and will run for two years (July. 2021 - May 2023). The study is the supervision of Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Heike Wendt.

Project Manager

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

Heike Wendt

Institut für Bildungsforschung und PädagogInnenbildung

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2554
Fax:+43 (0)316/ 380-9713

Montag 14:00 - 15:00

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