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Inclusive Education

News of the Research Unit

“Child-Teacher Dialogue: A Participative Approach to Making Lessons More Inclusive” - Join us for the webinar!

How can the implementation of a collaborative action research model (Inclusive Inquiry) make lessons more inclusive?

Lisa Paleczek, PhD and Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, PhD, will share their knowledge with us in a webinar on the 28th September 2023, 3 p.m. (CET).

The HAND:ET Consortium hosts this webinar in its continuing efforts to explore the topics and key concepts for supporting teachers’ well-being and developing their socio-emotional competences and diversity awareness (SEDA).

Please register by 26th of September here.

More information: https://bit.ly/487j8U9

HAND:ET Project – new video “Empowering teachers’ socio-emotional competencies for diverse classroom”

Why is supporting teachers ‘development of social and emotional competencies and diversity awareness important?

The HAND:ET Team developed a video to answer that question. The video is now available on the HAND:ET YouTube Channel for you to check out. By sharing it you can become an advocate for supporting teachers’ well-being through professional development programs.


The fifth HAND:ET Newsletter is now available!

The latest HAND:ET Newsletter is online and gives you further insights into the HAND:ET Program just as the implementation is on the finish line. We share upcoming events, activities from the HAND:ET Consortium and resources to support teacher well-being.


Grazer Forum Inklusion 2023

Promoting the Reading Skills of Bilingual Children

On 15th of June 2023, stakeholders from politics, research and practice came together to participate in the “Grazer Forum Inklusion”. This year, the conference dealt with the topic "Promoting the reading skills of bilingual children" and took place in the festival hall of the Meerscheinschlössl (Mozartgasse 3, 8010 Graz).

Further information on the conference can be found here.


HAND: ET Newsletter No. 3 is now available!

In addition to news and updates on the project, the newsletter provides you with reading materials on the topic of social-emotional competences and diversity awareness (SEDA), event announcements and reports on the project activities of the last months.



Lubo learns to read

Lubo comes from outer space. On Earth, the little alien has to face all kinds of challenges, for example at school. Because reading and spelling are difficult for Lubo. How can he deal with the fact that he needs more time to read? What motivates him to learn? How can his teachers support him? And how can his school friends help him best?

"Lubo from Space" is a training programme for children who stand out at school at the latest because of their behaviour.

You can find out more about Lubo and the project in the current episode of the podcast "HörSaal: 15 Minuten Forschung" from the University of Graz.


Podcast fans listen up!

The project "Hand: Empowering Teachers" was presented by Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera and Lisa Paleczek in the podcast of the University of Graz called "Hör-Saal -15 Minuten Forschung" and is publicly avalaible since Nov. 18th, 2021.

You can find episode #31 called "What training do teachers need?" on the following channels:



Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts



Hand:ET Newsletter No. 1 is now avalaible!

In the first HAND:ET Newsletter we are sharing with you news and updates on the recent project activities. Find out more in the article!

HAND:ET Newsletter No. 1 brings you overview and updates on the project news and activities: our web page and social media (re)launch, learning activities focusing on the social, emotional and intercultural education and norm critical pedagogy as well as raising awareness on the topic through the workshop on the importance of social competencies for emotional well-being. Finally, we want to introduce to you the knowledge base acquired on the topic of SEI competencies in the initial Hand in Hand project and show you how the understanding the need for social and emotional competencies and diversity awareness (SEDA) in schools evolved from the initial project.

To learn more, we kindly invite you to take a look at the newsletter here.


Our Research Unit in the Social Media

From now on you can find news and exciting reports of our research unit also on facebook and Instagram.


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