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The Institute of Education Research and Teacher Education is responsible for the following teaching programmes at the University of Graz which are based on the study regulations of the University of Graz.

Secondary teacher education (Lehramtsstudium Sekundarstufe Allgemeinbildung)

-   Bildungswissenschaftlichen Grundlagen (BWG) in the bachelor's program

-   Bildungswissenschaftlichen Grundlagen (BWGin the master's program

-   Specialization in Inclusive Education  in the bachelor's and master's program

Master study in pedagogy

-       Master study Inclusive Education

Additional teaching programmes

At the Institute of education research and teacher education, we are also responsible for the discontinued diploma program in Pre-service Teacher Education (PBV) and Practical School Education (SPA) as well as the specialization module in Early Childhood Education in the Master's program in Social Pedagogy and offer teaching in the Doctoral School of Educational Sciences as well as in the interdisciplinary Doctoral Program of the research network Human Factor in Digital Transformation.

Our common concern in teaching is to make it research-based, participatory, and innovative in terms of method and content. In doing so, a theory-practice relationship and critical reflection are particularly important to us. In the areas of educational sciences (BWG) and teacher education, we work with the topics of gender equality, diversity and social inclusion, sustainability and digital transformation.

Study Administrator

Alice Majcen
Merangasse 70/II
Raum 2.044

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2553

Di & Do 10:00-12:00
Mi 13:30 -15:30

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