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Re-HaRe, Reaching the hard to reach

Project number: 2017-1-UK01-KA201-036665

Re_HaRe Reaching the hard to reach: Inclusive responses to diversity through child-teacher dialogue

This project aims to develop effective strategies for including all children in lessons, particularly those who are hard to reach, such as migrants, refugees and disabled students. It will achieve this through the use of a model of teacher professional development that emerged from the findings of an earlier study funded by the EU. The model combines a well-established approach to professional learning, known as ‘lesson study’, with an emphasis on listening to the views of students, which is a distinctive feature of the model. Most importantly, the model facilitates dialogue between children and teachers in order to develop inclusive responses to diversity.



Read our newsletter:

1st newsletter, February 2017 (german / english)

2nd newsletter, July 2018 (german / english)

3rd newsletter, October 2018 (english)


Project partner:

Coordinator: Kiki Messiou, University of Southampton

University of Graz

Aarhus Universität, UK     

Universität Algarve, Portugal      

Universität Autonoma Madrid, Spain

Volksschule Schönau Graz, Austria 

Volksschule Niva, Denmark     

Volksschule Wordsworth, UK         

Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa – Schule in Faro, Portugal     

colegio publico aldebaran – Schule in Madrid, Spain   


Project coordinator in Austria: Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera

Co-worker und contact person: Ass.-Prof.in Mag.a Lisa Paleczek, PhD, Mag.a Edvina Bešić, PhD, Julia Lederer, BA MSc


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